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Address: IATA school, rue de la montagne 43a, 5000 Namur, Local G15

The tournaments

Provide players with premises and games so that they can indulge in their passion

Propose a well-stocked toy library

Organize gaming conventions to promote the ILV to the widest possible audience

Make simulation games known, which are too often overlooked. Offer diversified activities to members

Introduce beginners to simulation games

Create a context that encourages social mixing by remaining apolitical but respecting each other's ideas

Atmosphere & tasting

Every Thursday and Friday, the club is open from 8pm.
On the second Saturday of the month, it is open from 2pm (check in the agenda).

These games evenings take place in our premises: IATA room G15.

Either you pay a participation fee of 2€ per evening, or you subscribe to the annual fee of 24€ (becoming a member of the association offers certain advantages, such as the loan of games).

On average, there are 25 players present every Thursday. The ILV game library has more than 900 games!

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Demonstration & Animation


The Diplonam in the spring. The Diplonam is a convention dedicated to tournaments, including the Namur round of the Belgian Simulation Games Federation tournament.

The 33 hours in the fall. For 33 hours in a row, the club gives way to all kinds of games.



Auction sales

The ILV sometimes produces game animations during trade shows….

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