33 hours of…

… Board games

… Role-playing games

… Miniature games

On the weekend of November 12 and 13, 2022, during 33 hours, we open to the general public to discover our hobby, the GAME, and this in different forms: board games, role playing games, miniature games…

In Ludo Veritas invests every year in the purchase of new games… This is an opportunity to discover them… and if you like them, we play them every week.

The 33 hours are open to all… neophytes or “core-gamers”… We simply provide you with a room, players and games. And there’s plenty of food and drink to keep the games going 🙂

So make the most of it and save the date!

Please note that in accordance with the legal provisions, a covid safe ticket will be required from 12 years old.